5 sets of 2 X (1 Power Clean + 1 Push Jerk)

Stay between 75%-85% of 1RM Push Jerk for all 5 working sets



6 Way Shoulder Raise

4x10. Rest 1-2 minutes between sets

This will burn, so don’t pick too aggressive of a weight.  Stay controlled, rib cage down.



Bent over Barbell Row

Accumulate 35 TOTAL reps across 3 sets at same weight

(Example, Set 1 15 reps, set 2 10 reps, set 3 10 reps)

Go immediately into max push-ups to failure after set of BB row.  If getting less than 15 push-ups, use a band to increase reps.

Rest 1-2 minutes between sets of BB Row + Push-Ups

Make sure people write down their weights for the BB row as we will increase weight over the course of our hypertrophy cycle


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Back Squat

6X4@ 80%



For Time:


C2B Pull-Ups (Scale as needed)

KB Swings (70/53, 60/40, 53-/35-)

Goblet Squats


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A. Back Squat

6x2 @ 80%



B. 5 minute AMRAP

2 Muscle Ups (Int: 4 C2B, Nov. 4 Pull-Ups)

6 Push Press @ 60-65% of 1RM Push Press

8 Burpees over the bar

Rest 2 Minutes

3 Minute AMRAP (Start over at muscle ups)

Rest 2 Minutes

5 minute AMRAP


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A. 5X3 Snatch pull (keep it around 80-90% of 1RM)

Rest 60-120 seconds between sets


B. Snatch

4X3 @ around 70%

Rest 60-120 seconds between sets


C. 3 Rounds

1:00 Wall Ball

1:00 Toes to bar

1:00 Power Snatch 95/65

1:00 Rest


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A. Backsquat

6x3@ 80% of 1RM


B. Romanian deadlifts and alternating reverse lunges

3x 25 reps

Rest 60-120 seconds between sets

Athletes should move right from the deadlifts into the lunges.  They can chose to have them weighted, unweighted, or change weights between the DLs and lunges. 


C. 3x25 Behind the neck press (can be seated or standing)


(Optional if time)

5 Drop sets of 5 reps:

DB Rear Delt flies


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A. 5 Rounds, as many technically sound reps as possible of:

Strict pull-ups 

Strict Ring Dips 

Rest 60-120 seconds between sets


B. Facepulls with band

4X25 reps

Rest 60 seconds between sets




C. Against a 5 minute running clock, complete:

400m Run

40 Russian KB Swings (choose a weight to complete these in no more than 2 unbroken sets)

Max burpees in remaining time

Rest 3 minutes, then repeat 1x.

Score= total number of burpees each round


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